Smallelk Sacred Energy

Personal Proof of Creator

I grew up with little or no Spiritual or Religious teachings. I have very few childhood memories, but believe I did attend Sunday school at some point. Actually I have a bible with my name embossed on the cover, which I think was from Sunday school.

 I have always had a problem with Religion.  I lost any faith I might have had as a young child. (If I even knew what faith was back then). I do remember praying night after night as a child. But my prayers were not answered. Of course, we usually don’t understand HOW to pray as a child. As an adult, I did learn to accept that there was a higher power, which I chose to call Creator.   

Some time ago now, I had asked GOD for proof of his existence.  At work my left palm started itching so badly it almost drove me insane and then it started bleeding.  I had an odd shaped puncture on my left palm.  Then my Right palm started itching just as insanely and a red spot started to appear. Both hands were very blotchy red and white.  Also sweaty.  I had to keep wiping them off.  Then hot flashes, tingling all over my body but mostly my heart and head.  Then after discovering this, for at least an hour it was a struggle not to burst into tears.  My eyes kept welling up.

 I went outside for a smoke.  I get alot of messages when I am out there in nature.   A voice said "If you are getting the message I am sending, I will stop with the proof." !!! Well this freaked me out. Then some geometric shapes, stars, squares, numbers and feathering appeared on my left palm.  Also the usual lines became very deep and red.  My palm began to look like a road map of the Galaxy.  I have attached a picture of my hand.  Although you can't see the lines, you can see the puncture.  I tried to enhance the pic so much, that it is a little distorted and that's not the color of my hand. LOL

Since then I have noticed many changes in myself and my healing gifts. I find now that Spirit moves me to combine all the gifts I have been given now.  So in meditation or journeying, I do healing on the DNA and on the body itself.  It’s like working on holograms of the person.  It seems to be quite effective from feedback I get and from work I do on myself. The only problem now is that Spirit doesn't give me much warning. If there is a healing to do, I have to stop what I am doing as I feel myself slipping into Shaman consciousness. This can be very inconvenient if I am at work. 

One message I received since this happened is that we have the right to STATE or DEMAND if you will, what we want manifested, instead of humbly praying or begging.  So the odd time I have remembered to do this, something usually manifests.  Actually the first time was years ago, being frustrated that everyone else seemed to SEE their guides and I never could.  I DEMANDED rather rudely LOL, to see my guide.  To my surprise a spirit appeared right in front of me and scared the daylights out of me. LOL I guess I really wasn't ready to see that.

 While participating in a healing study, I experienced another event.  One morning I woke up and I don't know what the problem was, but I couldn't get out of bed. I had to slide out of bed, my arm wasn't working and I had to drag my arm off the  bed. I couldn't stand up straight.  My back was also out.  I leaned on the kitchen table doubled over and just said in my mind something like "THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN.....I can’t be sick or disabled, I refuse this" and OMG it went away. I gingerly stood up straight.  There was nothing.  No pain, nothing!

 I hope in sharing my experiences, this will help others to realize their gifts.

 Aho Small Elk (Dolores)