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SUBCONSCIOUS Hidden Messages

Subconscious Hidden Messages


Find out what your Unconscious\Higher Self\Soul has to say about your concerns, business decisions, whats holding you back from your Goals.  


Resolve Situations or Problems by hearing your subconscious 

These sessions are extremely effective in getting to the root of all number of issues both physical and psychological. The  Private Session process is like no other form of Personal Development you may have experienced, and always   delivering quicker, longer lasting results.

 Reconnect with Family members

 Get to the root of illnesses

 Manifest new career opportunities and attract money

 Provide guidance and instruction to solve or resolve any situation

 Provide immense clarity over your true purpose or Important decision making


 Why not take the next step, change your life, and rewire your unconscious for success!
 This is exactly what this session work does. It looks into the unconscious, pinpoints the dysfunctional patterns that are   hindering your success, and then offers solutions that will assist you in reaching your goals.

 Fee for private session work is $500.00 US – 8 sessions in Chat with Smallelk
 Fee for a single 20 minute interview $50.00 – 2 sessions, interview and delivery

  email: Register now before the price increase! 




 Re 8 week session work:  I truly have found the Peace in my Deepest soul/subconscious through the  journey you guided me   through in the beginning months of this year and the care and energy and deep study you put into our sessions guaranteed I’ll   continue to heal and open mysteries for a long time. The synchronicity of your path in this and personalized Journeys and my   following my intuition to ask you to guide me is astounding. When we began, I was struggling, and then midway through, my world and my self imploded with some major shattering life events. Had I not had your wisdom and genuine desire to help, I   would still be lost and broken. Instead, your work with me has made me stronger than I have ever been and I live my moments at   peace with what is and who I am. I don’t exaggerate when I say that you have saved my life.


What an honor for you to have aligned your understanding of our human complexities in focus on our higher self interaction. I can only see the brilliant light emanating through and from you to those of us who share your journey.

Gail GA

 I had the privilege to do session work (8 sessions) and Journey with Dolores. I was truly blown away by both…and still am. I  feel that this has helped me tremendously in many ways. I must admit I was a bit nervous about what my ‘’Higher Self’’was going  to tell me…but speaking with Dolores is very easy and relaxed. I was very at ease during our session. My Higher  Self came through and wow was I impressed. The recording was very insightful and gave me deep understanding of the things I  was feeling /knowing. Journeys…WOW…Amazing. Dolores took me on a journey I will never forget…I was visioning and  feeling things before she spoke of them. POWERFUL. The Synchronicity just flowed in following our sessions. I truly feel the  empowerment these sessions have given me. I highly recommend these sessions….I am forever grateful that I did.

 Many Blessings to you Dolores,  Jennifer's Journey

I had sessions done with Dolores and it blew my mind. I wasn't sure about what we'd discover so I was a bit nervous going into it but I'm so glad I didn't let my nerves stop me. Dolores was very warm and down to earth during our "interview" which made the time go by so quickly. Plus it was such a casual conversation, that after a minute or two, my nervousness dissolved. It took her about a day or two to contact me with my results which was also a pleasant surprise. She sent me voice clips via email and I had an opportunity to listen to each clip while we were on a Skype call together. Any question or reaction I had, she was there to answer and comment on. I was floored as I listened to each sound file of my voice. It was truly me, talking clear as day, in reverse!

I ABSOLUTELY recommend getting a session done to anyone interested in hearing your subconscious thoughts. 
- Lucy

I have to say I'm floored by Dolores Chiasson speech therapy she did with me. My soul speaking the way it was, soon after that I felt vibration and tingling at my crown chakra. I experienced that for 5 minutes! Then I had a massive headache for 3 days after. Today it's gone. I feel clearer in my head, it's not so dark. I feel lighter almost floating. I feel better about myself. And I'm just feeling even more push to develop spiritually. You will not go wrong with Dolores. She's amazing at what she does and she's got a big spirit! Huge medicine. I'm honored to know her. Thank you Dolores. I will post more as the week goes by. Melissa M

Review for session work: Dolores was superb with her execution of the session work  process. I was so amazed and excited by this process. It was quite moving and revealing about the situations I had going on in my life at that time. I highly recommend the Speech analysis process to anyone who would like confirmation and inside information on how they are really feeling about their current life situations.
 Your abilities to take our speech and play it backwards to see what our inner self is saying is totally amazing. I feel so blessed to have that opportunity for your service. I would do this again every year. It's a great way to see if your outside appearance is coinciding with your inside world. Dolores ability to communicate with your inner soul and explain what's really going on is amazing. Thank you Dolores. I look forward to future sessions.
{{{Hugs}}} RR
Dolores is professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable. She knew just what to ask to get the results we were looking for. I would highly recommend Speech session work with her. Especially if you're looking to find which issues still need work in terms of healing.
Jenny Satori

  Regarding Speech Analysis work:

  I found the experience to be unique and fascinating. The subliminal information that was revealed was recognizable and made sense,     although it was not apparent on the surface. If anything, the messages that were revealed felt more like a confirmation of conscious       thought in most cases, and in others caused me to rethink my feelings. I would be interested in doing other studies for other parts of     my life.
   Love and light,    Richard 
 Dolores interviewed me for the Speech Analysis session.  After Dolores had analyzed it, she sent me files  that I  listened to with her on the phone to help with analyzation.  I was very impressed how reverse  words were very clear and what thoughts and meaning were coming from my subconscious.  It was  helpful and and provided insight into current situations in my life
 "I really enjoyed my Speech analysis interview with Dolores. It really is a fascinating subject and I definitely found  our interview very helpful, as certain things came out of it that were very interesting - things obviously buried  deep in my  subconscious, and not what I was expecting at all.  Very revealing! I would recommend Dolores as  she has a lovely manner and puts you at ease. I  enjoyed our chat! Thanks again Dolores."
I can 100% concur with what Dolores Smallelk is stating here. (Discussing some people trying to replicate Speech Analysis with free Audio software).  
I have received a reverse analysis session from her and the results are not what they would be by simply playing an audio file backwards. After getting my analysis, I went ahead and tried to duplicate the exact audio and played it in reverse and got NO RESULTS, and indeed none that resembled what Dolores did. In a world where "get rich quick" schemes are rampant, this is not one to haphazardly try without full training. I hope people are responsible when it comes to offering services such as this one. Dolores, you are a gem and know your stuff.
Thank you for your help again, Dolores. Having Speech Analysis with you is amazing. After your session I've opened up and I'm writing lengthier blogs. And I'm happier where I'm living. I am seeing how lovely my neighbors are regardless of not been where I want to be. 
And I was getting more insightful knowledge. And I had lots of lucid dreams of me launching my books.
And a dream very significant I had pulled my book from these ashes way up in the sky and brought it to earth. 
Again the session work has helped me.   To since connecting with my wolf I am also stronger and demanding what I want and standing up to people mistreating me. 
Christine C