Smallelk Sacred Energy

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Vedic Palmistry101

 All workshops and courses are held online in CHAT

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 Vedic Palmistry 101                                                           50.00  US

 Before the workshop take a pic of each full hand with cell phone and email to me.  The picture must be the whole hand with fingers relaxed naturally to show how they relate to each other.  If not I do have samples we can study together.                                                                                                                                                                                          

   Mediumship 101                                                            150.00 US

 A 10 week course on a beginners level of Mediumship

Animal Communication                                                  60.00 US
Animal Communication is a telepathic exchange of messages or other information. This telepathic exchange can be done in person or distantly and with living or animals that have crossed the veil.