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Dolores has a special and purposeful gift in the Metaphysics. She is an excellent and compassionate psychic, medium and aura reader, among other gifts. Having studied and practiced extensively in Shamanism and other areas of metaphysics, she has a unique ability to communicate with souls (including animal souls) who have passed and has a knack of bringing specific and accurate validations to the sitter. She is also one of the best Mediums I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Serena Nicole


I know you are such a strong spiritual being and aside from DW, you are my greatest inspiration to push forward with my spiritual/ mediumship/ life development.
Huge hugs!

t is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I can wholeheartedly recommend Dolores Chiasson as a teacher, advisor and instructor for students embarking on the path of energy study leading to Reiki Healing Systems. I have interacted with Dolores, as her student, for a little while now. In that time she has demonstrated that she is a very gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate person. Her work, support and actions all reflect the motivation, demonstrable talent, skills and abilities that she possesses in the area of energy healing systems. Her enthusiasm, dedication, intelligence, passion and subject knowledge have created a strong impression on me.

During the time I have come to know Dolores she has distinguished herself as a teacher of warmth, caring and support. I have enormous respect and admiration for her both as a teacher and an individual. Her students will be delighted by her genuineness, integrity and enthusiasm.

Dolores is highly qualified. 

Yours faithfully, David Jenkinson.


Delores is a good teacher.

Not only teach and attune me, she also try her best to

answer any question I ask to her.

She do a great job on teach and guide me on SMH.

Thanks all and specially to you Delores.

With Love and Light,


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dolores Chiasson. I have known Dolores via the Internet since December 2003 and have worked with her as a student for the attunements of Abundance/Prosperity Reiki, Ra-Sheeba, Kundalini Reiki and Isis Seichim Reiki. I am presently working with her on the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing attunements.

Dolores has assisted me with the Abundance/Prosperity Reiki yahoo group in co-ordinating our monthly group chats and sending the full moon attunements. She also has assisted me with moderating the Ra-Sheeba Sharing yahoo group and doing attunements for Ra Sheeba through the group.

I have found her a very thoughtful teacher with students, asking questions to clarify questions about reiki systems and attunements. I would highly recommend her for this position at the Avalon Wellness Center and feel she would be avaluable team player as well as an excellent Reiki teacher.


Love, Light and Harmony

Bro. David Paul chc

Reiki Master-Teacher

Trinity House of Spirituality


I understand that you are considering Dolores Chiasson for an opening in your health and wellness center. Dolores is trained in various Reiki systems, and as one of her teachers, I feel qualified to explain her particular aptitudes in regards to Reiki practice.

Dolores has been a member of my Reiki teaching group, Reiki On, and a student of our Reiki On Masters Program for level three Usui Reiki trainees. Continuing to add to her skill set, she came to our teaching certification program as a peer, already teaching and practicing in other Reiki systems.

During her time of instruction with me, I found that Dolores had particular strength in the areas of understanding the energy body and how disease manifests into the physical, and also in her treatment methodology. She is thorough and caring in regards to her subjects and their particular treatment needs. You will find that she is well versed in Reiki technique including treatment preparation, patient care ethics, and client relations.

Dolores is a well-qualified Reiki teacher and practitioner, and would be a valuable addition to your health and wellness center. You may wish to take treatment from her yourself to make a well-informed decision as to her practice methodology.

Thank you for your time,

Susan S. Bosco, RM/T Claysville, Pennsylvania, USA

Owner Reiki On Yahoo discussion group for Usui-based reiki practice

Karuna Ki, Seichim, Usui and Tibetan systems Reiki Master, Tera Mai system attuned